Listen and Write is an online magazine with articles by young musicians. Our blogs, reviews and programme notes centre mainly around classical music but also aim to venture into more general musical topics and genres. The site was largely a product of London's 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. While concert halls, theatres and institutions were closing, the need to share musical opinions became evermore evident. We aim to give exposure and writing opportunities to young musicians and create a space where the place of music in our society can be discussed freely and creatively.


Hi, I'm Rita Fernandes, an Australian and Swiss musician who has recently graduated from King's College London. My varied experiences as a violinist, conductor, student of musicology and event manager have all taught me the importance of discussion and communication at every stage of the musical process. In a hope to celebrate this, I decided to create a space where young classical musicians could discuss their opinions and thoughts. The rise in importance of online content, highlighted by the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, has given us the opportunity to remain connected and relevant in an evermore globalised yet 'socially distanced' world. And so, despite our current inability to enter a concert hall or perform alongside each other, this site ensures that our up and coming classical musicians continue to shape the future of classical music.


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