Zack is an in house writer at Listen and Write. Make sure to check out his various articles which are listed below.

Zachary Dickerson is a third-year student at King’s College London studying German and Music. He studies piano with Chiyan Wong at the Royal Academy of Music. As a musician, Zack has worked as a repetiteur for the King’s Opera Society as well as Music Director of the spring 2020 production of Die Zauberflöte. Recently, Zack has collaborated with Natalka Pasicznyk to produce a series of online concerts on Youtube featuring Lieder of Clara Schumann and Franz Schubert.

To watch Zack perform Der Hirt auf dem Felsen, go to

Zack has written:

Lise Davidsen: Young but Powerful and Persuasive

Ludwig van Beethoven / An die Ferne Geliebte (1816)

Richard Wagner / Wesendonck Lieder (1858)

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