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Oran is a composer and multi-instrumentalist in his final year of studying music at King’s College London. His main areas of interest lie in twentieth and twenty-first-century music, be it composers working today, indie rock, the Second Viennese School, electronic music or American experimentalism. As a composer, Oran studies with Dr Edward Nesbit at King's and has had instrumental and vocal works performed both in Herefordshire where he grew up and at King's. In September 2021 he will begin a Master’s degree in composition at the Royal Academy of Music. Oran also receives piano tuition at the Royal Academy, before which he studied for three years at the Birmingham Junior Conservatoire. As a pianist Oran has a particular interest in playing the work of Olivier Messiaen, as well as repetiteuring for opera productions – in 2019 he was repetiteur for King's Opera's production of The Threepenny Opera and is currently working on the society’s production of Don Giovanni. He also served as assistant musical director of the King's Modern Music Society for a year, which involved conducting performances of works such as Ravel’s Le Tombeau de Couperin.

Influenced by an eclectic range of music, Oran also writes and records music in a more popular vein under simply the name 'Oran'. His debut EP Blank Slate, released in 2019, draws variably on alternative, experimental, rock and funk styles as well as his background in classical music. As a guitarist he has gigged as part of both rock and jazz bands as well as in pit bands for musicals including King's productions of West Side Story, Legally Blonde and Footloose.

Outside of music, Oran is interested in and inspired by about other art forms, with particular passions being Egon Schiele’s art, Charlie Kaufman’s films and Ragnar Kjartansson’s multimedia work. When not engaging with music or art in general, Oran has a growing enthusiasm for cooking, regardless of whether or not he has any particular talent for it.

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Oran has written:

The Ondes Martenot: A History of one of the First Electronic Musical Instruments

Gustav Mahler / Symphony #9 - 1. Andante Comodo (1912)



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