After graduating from King's College London with first-class honours in Music, Meg has continued her academic studies at SOAS with a Masters in Social Anthropology. Building on her anthropological tendencies in her undergraduate degree, her areas of research focus on mediated communications in the Middle East; lived experience of religion and spirituality; the social life of money; and the intersection of sound with all of these aspects. By taking general topics such as religion, money, technology and sound, she can apply these investigative frameworks to a range of issues. For example, through her volunteering work with Sing Inside - a charity which runs singing workshops in prisons - Meg has gone on to research the relationship between the sonic activity inside a prison and the religious and spiritual sentiments of the residents. The topic for her upcoming Master's thesis will centre on the experiences of busking in a cashless society and the spheres of value this places on the musical content, the performer and the space in which the activity takes place.

Although no longer the sole framework of her academic thought, music and sound play a central role in her broader societal engagement. Alongside her degree, musical performance is a dominant feature of her life; she is a freelance professional singer working in both a choral and soloistic capacity. By specialising in performance in her final year of her undergraduate degree, Meg was fortunate enough to study with Professor Glenville Hargreaves for the year - an invaluable period. In a post-COVID-19 world, she hopes to resume her active performance career with ensembles such as Philharmonia Chorus and Colla Voce as well as any solo opportunities that may arise.

Alongside these pursuits, Meg spends the majority of her spare time obsessively consuming journalism; avidly listening to podcasts, and immersing herself in books. While she is not sure what the future will hold, Meg hopes to pursue a career in the field of education, starting with the vocation of primary school teaching and later working for an educational charity on matters of policy. If the opportunity (and funding) arises, Meg would love to return to academia to complete a doctorate in anthropology.

Meg has written:

Turkey's Refugee Music Scene

Siegfried Idyll: A Pastoral Expression of Love


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