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Lynn Sophie Guldin is a German national who grew up in the United States and now studies neuroscience in her third year at King’s College London. She has been drawn to areas in which humans and their emotions are at the core – be it in literature, music, or science. She became an opera fan at the age of twelve after an enthralling performance of Verdi’s Macbeth and her appreciation for classical music has only grown since then. Lynn has played piano for much of her life, having studied for over twelve years with renowned concert pianist Svetlana Gorokhovich, PhD, and winning numerous awards while doing so. She received First Prize at the New York Concert Festival in 2018 and was awarded the festival’s Summer Scholarship. She has performed at the Lincoln Center and the Baruch Performing Arts Center, both in New York City, and at German Consulate of New York City, and was awarded the grade of A+ in the New York State School Music Association’s examination. Upon entering university, she began to study classical singing. She is a member of the King’s Opera Society and took part in the society's 2020 production of Mozart's Die Zauberflöte.

Her other interest lies in literature. Lynn has been writing short stories for years in her native language German and has received recognition on a national level in Germany, where she was awarded First and Second Prize of the Berliner Festspiele in 2017 and 2015, respectively. She has also received an Award of Special Recognition by the Austrian JugendLiteraturwerkstatt Graz and Second Prize by the German ClueWriting Competition, both in 2017. Her stories have been published in anthologies available for purchase. Recently, she began writing her first novel in English.

Lynn is particularly interested in baroque oratorio and Romantic opera. She experiences opera as a merging point between music, literature, and theatre and has developed a fascination with Richard Wagner’s works in particular.

In 2019, she began studying neuroscience due to her strong fascination with the biological basis of behaviour and emotion, and has completed her first year with First-Class exams.

Lynn has written:

Wagner’s Das Rheingold by Patrice Chéreau and Harry Kupfer

Wagner’s Die Walküre by Patrice Chéreau and Harry Kupfer

Wagner’s Siegfried by Patrice Chéreau and Harry Kupfer

Wagner’s Götterdämmerung by Patrice Chéreau and Harry Kupfer

Period Singers: Our Fascination With Boy Trebles in Bach

Review: Tristan and Isolde - Bayerische Staatsoper

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