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Jonathan is a Music graduate student at King’s College London. As a performer, Jonathan has held many positions in orchestras and smaller ensembles across London and South Wales. As a flautist, Jonathan recently concluded his position as a flautist with the King’s College London Sinfonietta, which focuses on performances of new music. Similarly, Jonathan has played Alto and Baritone saxophone with The Jazz Outlaws, The King’s Big Band and The Constellation Big Band, as well as playing alto and tenor saxophone with the Aleatorics Saxophone Quartet. Jonathan also regularly undertakes paid work as a pit musician for musical theatre productions, most recently playing performances of Cabaret, Wicked! and Annie. Jonathan has also taken work as an oboist and recorder player in period performances of Handel and Vivaldi.

Jonathan recently finished a position as manager for the King’s Big Band, where he successfully managed the big band and negotiated lasting relationships between venues and the big band. In 2018, Jonathan founded the King’s Musical Theatre Orchestra which was a musical theatre band that was available for hire in London for a variety of musical theatre and educational engagements. Finally, Jonathan has recently concluded his position as President of the Modern Music Society, where he led the society to new successes and moved the society to become the first society in history to achieve Gold status and accrue more members than the society had ever done previously. In his position as president for the Modern Music Society, Jonathan was nominated for President of the Year and led the society to receive a nomination for Society of the Year, and Most Improved Society.

Music education is another of Jonathan’s key interests, particularly exploring new methods of instrumental tuition with young school children in order to develop proper technique and wider cognitive function. Jonathan has held several positions in music education from running and extremely vibrant private teaching studio, to a long serving member and current evaluator at the King’s St George’s Academy which intends to provide music education to low-income but gifted children.

Outside of performance and teaching Jonathan’s primary focus is music research with a specific interest in musical analysis and music of the 20th century. Jonathan has recently completed two articles considering musical form and function in experimental music of the 20th century; the first focusing on analysing the irrational canonic ratios of Conlon Nancarrow’s canons for player piano, and the second considering religious implications of Olivier Messiaen’s birds in the Catalogue d’oiseaux. Jonathan is currently co-authoring an article on the effects of music education in cognitive function of school children, ready for publication in the autumn. Further writings on the Avant Garde, Film Music and Modern Opera are also in production for publication over the final part of this year and early 2021.

To know more about Jonathan, you can follow him on Instagram at @jondav97

Jonathan has written:

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